Discovery Flight

Learn to fly!

Experience the Thrill of Flight: Take Your First Step with a Discovery Flight

Embarking on a journey to the skies starts with our introductory "Discovery Flight," designed specifically to give you a firsthand taste of the exhilaration of flying. Led by a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI), this flight serves as your initial lesson and can be logged toward your future pilot's license.

From pre-flight preparations to takeoff and landing, you'll engage in hands-on training, mastering the fundamentals of flight. Your instructor will introduce you to the flight instruments, throttle, yoke, and rudder pedals, guiding you on how to control the aircraft. With their assistance, you'll have the opportunity to pilot the aircraft, experiencing turns, climbs, and descents firsthand.

Learning to fly is an immensely gratifying and enjoyable endeavor. During your discovery flight, our instructors will provide you with a glimpse of the incredible experience of piloting an aircraft yourself.

Whether your goal is to fly for business, pleasure, or simply fulfill a lifelong dream, Plane Nuts Aviation is here to support you in reaching your aspirations.

To schedule your introductory lesson, please call us at 225-571-1249 or email us at Please understand that weight and size considerations are crucial in small aircraft, so we may inquire about this information—your understanding is appreciated.