Pilot Career Program

Thinking about a Career in Aviation?

You couldn’t have picked a better time. With the ongoing shortage of pilots in the U.S and around the globe, airlines everywhere are aggressively seeking new hires. What’s more, the greater demand means airline pilots are earning more, enjoying greater job security, and are even being recruited prior to completion of their flight training programs!

Choose Your Path

Everyone begins as a student pilot, learning to fly and navigate the airplane, communicating with Air Traffic Control, and mastering academic subjects such as weather, principles of flight, and aircraft performance. Once you’ve earned your Private Pilot License, you’ll proceed through your advanced ratings and licenses, training to fly in reduced visibility conditions, and fly both single and multi-engine aircraft to commercial pilot standards.

Many on the Professional Pilot Track also opt to become a Certified Flight Instructor, which allows you to build valuable flight time quickly (while also collecting a paycheck)!

So, what’s next? Just complete the brief email form below, and a Plane Nuts Instructor will be in touch with you shortly! We’ll answer all of your questions about the cost and length of your training program, professional pilot career options and lifestyles, what you can expect to earn as a professional pilot, and which pathway forward might be best for you.

Private Pilot

Earn your Private Pilot License in as little as 40 hours of flight training. Imagine having the ability to fly family and friends to a weekend getaway, or how about flying your spouse to Key West for dinner, and getting back in time to watch the 11pm news? All of this and more is possible with your Private Pilot License.

Instrument Pilot

Learn to fly totally by reference to flight instruments. With an Instrument Rating, you’ll be able to go wherever you want without having to wait for optimal weather and visibility conditions or take a back seat to commercial jet traffic. The Instrument Rating will allow you to fly under a special set of flight rules by which a controller will guide you to your destination over the radio.

Commerical Pilot

Thinking about a career in aviation? With a Commercial Pilot Certificate, you can fly airplanes for hire. Whether it’s for a local company, your own personal aerial photography business, or any one of the numerous possibilities open to Commercial Pilots, the Commercial Pilot Certificate will allow you to explore more horizons in the field of aviation. Additionally, you will be eligible to begin training as a Certified Flight Instructor and teach others to fly.

Flight Instructor

Become a Flight Instructor and share your love of aviation. If your plans include becoming a professional pilot, there’s no better way to build hours and experience than becoming a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI). With the initial CFI rating, you can train student pilots to become a licensed Private Pilot, and train Private Pilots to become licensed Commercial Pilots. We also have Instrument Instructor courses (CFII), and Multi-Engine Instructor courses (MEI), so you can train pilots to fly multi-engine aircraft and get their Instrument Rating.